Floor Systems


A specialist in resins, coatings, paints and Floor systems , Peintures MAESTRIA offers a broad spectrum of solutions: thin films, semi-thick sealants, thick sealants, self-levellers, mortars, mastics / sealants, conductive, smooth or semi-smooth. These coatings meet the technical, economic and aesthetic constraints of our customers.


Peintures MAESTRIA provides answers to demanding markets in terms of performance (mechanical and chemical resistance, slippage, abrasion, fire etc.), and stresses ranging from low to high stress..
From the specifications through to the development of the formulations by our R & D laboratory, our solutions comply with all current regulations. Our team of experts accompanies, advises and provides a made-to-measure solution to all our customers, particularly through test areas on site.
Our responsiveness on the floor paint market makes Peintures MAESTRIA a major, renowned player among leading customers (EDF, AREVA, TOTAL etc.)

résine de sol de couleur résistante au trafic

système de résine pour local industriel

peinture résine de couleur pour parking extérieur

résine de sol de magasin

Our paint solutions adapt to all form of media: Concrete, Tiling, Coating, Wood, Steel etc. through mastering different resin technologies for floors:
  • Acrylic
  • Alkyd
  • Epoxy tolerant
  • Polyurethane

  • Methacrylate
  • PU cement
  • Polyaspartic


In order to propose the products best adapted to customers' needs, Peintures MAESTRIA, a member of SNFORES (French National Union of Resin Formulators), collaborates with many sectors such as the nuclear, aeronautics, food processing, automotive and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

Our colour expertise at the service of your projects

Peintures MAESTRIA has developed a colourimetry service to countertype more than 120,000 shades from our own colour charts or those on the market in order to reproduce them identically. This service can reproduce your colours from a sample to effectively meet your project's needs.

Peinture résine de couleur pour parking souterrain