Innovation as a core business strategy

When the company was created in 1963, Paul Maes, a chemical engineer and founder of PEINTURES MAESTRIA, set up a small research structure. The specifications were clear: to develop paint formulations which are ready to use and also easy to use: the Research & Development Laboratory was thus born. Ever since, this customer-oriented sense of innovation has become a true corporate culture.

Today, enriched with a unique know-how, a highly efficient production tool and an integrated R&D laboratory, PEINTURES MAESTRIA designs products which offer a complete solution to meet the needs of professionals in the areas of buildings,anti-corrosion, floors, road signage, and also those of the general public.
Always attentive to our customers, for each of these activities, we design and develop innovative solutions. Whatever the initial specifications, the paints developed all have at least the following two aspects in common: performance and ease of implementation. This is the key to success for our French and international customers.

Laboratoire R&D de Maestria

Laboratoire R&D de Maestria

Innovation, product performance, and respect for people and the environment are the greatest assets of PEINTURES MAESTRIA. All the products marketed by our company have been developed by the R&D Laboratory team. It is currently composed of 30 people and its recent achievements include:
  • paintings and coatings that are low in volatile organic compounds (VOC);
  • a range of ECOLABEL and SF environment paints which comply with the HEQ interior and exterior standard; In the near future, the entire "Building" range will be labelled
  • as "High Durability" anti-corrosion protection systems in the aqueous phase ;
  • A new technology, also in the aqueous phase, to reduce or even eliminate solvent emissions for road and floor paints.


As an example, we can refer to one of our recent innovations developed using the expertise of our engineers and technicians:

La technologie Décopur : neutralisation du Formaldéhyde (et aldéhyde) présent dans l'air intérieur par transformation en vapeur d'eau au contact de la peinture

DECOPUR , depolluting paint, has become the "reference" in purifying indoor air. It fulfils the requirements of institutions within the framework of the Grenelle Environment Forum 2, to clean public places (regulatory requirement applicable on 01/01/2018).

This decoration paint absorbs and neutralises formaldehyde present in indoor air:
  • It eliminates over 82% of the levels after 8 hours.

  • The formaldehyde present in the air reacts with active areas contained in the paint.

  • This reaction is total and irreversible. It leads to the release of trace amounts of water vapour

One of our objectives is to meet health and environment protection requirements. PEINTURES MAESTRIA is not satisfied with just developing paints in accordance with current standards. The technological and regulatory monitoring constantly carried out by the R&D Laboratory allows us to anticipate standards and customer requirements.