Our story

Peintures MAESTRIA, more than 50 years of History …

The history of Peintures MAESTRIA is first and foremost about men and women. Innovation, foresight and trust have always enabled the company to be attentive to its employees and customers, by offering products, services and advice which respect people and the environment.

Peintures MAESTRIA, the birth of a Group

In Pamiers in 1963, chemical engineer Paul MAES developed the first ready-to-use glycerophtalic paints.
53 years on, this desire to innovate is as strong as ever!
Paul MAES has handed the reins over to his son, Benoit MAES. With the same desire to innovate and anticipate, Benoit is following the course set by his father for the past 50 years. He leads the international industrial group MAESTRIA which has remained independent.
Whether in France or internationally, Peintures MAESTRIA's great strengths have attracted major public and private clients as well as major stakeholders in the energy sector.

Not to mentionthe aeronautics (Airbus, Eurocopter, Dassault etc.) and space industries (CNES, ESA, THALES...) with MAP and MAPAERO, 2 companies which emerged from the technological expertise of MAESTRIA, which are independent from the group.

The Peintures MAESTRIA group today…

The Peintures MAESTRIA group is made up of different entities:
R&D, production, storage, logistics, marketing, training, sub-contracting and so on are managed for each product range by the different entities within the MAESTRIA Group.
  • Alliance MAESTRIA : production factory (Pamiers in Ariège),
  • Peintures MAESTRIA : marketing of 4 ranges "building", " floor systems " and "anti-corrosion systems", " road signage",
  • MAESTRIA Signage : marketing of road signage products,
  • SOMEFOR: production factory and marketing of tailor-made paints for the mass retail sector (Marseilles).
The MAESTRIA group has succeeded in developing while retaining its human values and its respect for the environment with the establishment of a sustainable development policy shared by all.