Research & Development

An integrated R&D Laboratory at the service of innovation

In 1963 and the creation of the first company in the MAESTRIA Group a small team of formulators was formed, led by Paul Maes, a chemical engineer and founder of the company.
Today, the R&D Laboratory remains integrated and is located on the factory site in Pamiers (Ariège). The 2500-m² building is home to a multi-disciplinary team of 30 researchers and technicians.

On a daily basis, the objective is to identify the market requirements very early on to develop paints with the capabilities to meet them. Paint is a complex, technical material: its functions are to decorate and protect a substrate.
It should be easy for people to apply. When it hardens, the properties of the film must be appropriate to the atmosphere and customer needs (thickness, appearance, flexibility, waterproofing, permeability etc.).

To complement the research carried out internally within the Group, PEINTURES MAESTRIA is open to all forms of scientific partnership with external organisations.

The missions of the Research and Development Laboratory

The R&D Laboratory of PEINTURES MAESTRIA is made up of experts with very different, yet complementary, profiles: formulators, chemists, colourists, specialists in corrosion, materials chemistry, regulations, but also the application and the equipment that goes with it.
These women and men are organised into multidisciplinary teams so that any innovation benefits from the expertise of each. Together, they research, innovate and create new products and concepts. The objective is to offer a complete choice of increasingly durable eco-friendly and effective coatings.

Beyond this mission, they accompany, advise and train clients and partners to deliver:
  • A professional, on-site assistance service;
  •  Training and recommendations for complex and/or large-scale projects in partnership with the Technical Assistance Service;
  •  Technological and regulatory monitoring

Standardisation experts as well, they work with the ISO and AFNOR committees.
On the ground, there are 13 MAESTRIA agencies, distributed around France, which take over from the R&D laboratory to provide techical assistance and a real local service.
For our international customers, the R&D laboratory offers a real technological and industrial partnership.