Researchs and consultings

For manufacturing paints overseas

Peintures MAESTRIA is expanding internationally thanks to the expertise, dynamism and complementary nature of its teams (export department, R&D laboratory, logistics department, partners etc.) whose objective is to offer personalised offers with high added value.
The needs of our customers in terms of paint (building, road signage) or systems (floor, anti-corrosion), are really considered regardless of their location and their area of activity.

A winning dynamic

The export department studies upstream the needs of a market, customer expectations in a given area, the specificities of a country (economic, climatic, regulatory etc.) in order to be able to recommend a solution for paint or systems, best suited for creating a customised product.
For that, we must mobilise all vital forces internally and give them the means to act in synergy. At Peintures MAESTRIA, the complementary nature of the professions and the respect for the environment and people, is a gauge of quality for all of our customers.

Of course, all of our customised products developed in the building paint or road signage, anti-corrosion or floor system ranges, are designed according to local parameters: regulatory (specific labelling), climatic (application conditions and product conservation based on the temperature or humidity),