Sustainable environment


Our "Sustainable Environment" process has been naturally put in place from the start of our activity in order to respect the environment in which our production plant is located.
The MAESTRIA group has actively participated in the creation of the SD 21000 tool to put in place the future ISO 26000 standard.
Our new generation products are odourless and free of toxic components and toxic fumes. They anticipate the requirements of the REACH, CMR and Biocides legislations, VOC, Ecolabel, NF Environnement ...

Our global commitments for a sustainable world

Whether internally or externally, the MAESTRIA Group is committed to many sustainable ideas and actions:
The MAESTRIA Group, established in 25 countries worldwide, researches early on the market requirements, customer expectations and the characteristics (economic, climatic, regulatory etc.) of a given region, to provide local and sustainable management:

  • sourcing of raw materials as close as possible to the production sites
  • Manufacturing formulas and processes based on the groups' certified production unit ISO 9001 and 14001.

Based on the expertise of its R&D laboratory, the group anticipates the regulations and legislations in force on the French territory in order to offer products which respect people and the environment in France and around the world.
So while conserving the impeccable quality of our paints, we have been able to:

  • Reduce the components which present a health risk,
  • Offer an eco-design approach for certain products (selective sorting and waste recovery),
  • substitute fossil energy with renewable energy, in order to protect natural resources (use of geothermal energy to heat certain buildings on the logistics platform).

In addition, our employees and external stakeholders regularly take training courses on the safety precautions for using chemical products.


Maestria has implemented a selective sorting approach to recycling and waste recover (wood, paper, card, plastic, electrical equipment, oils,water...).
One example: the solvent needed for cleaning tanks is distilled in order to reduce the amount needed and the associated waste.

Maestria has implemented a selective sorting approach to recycling and waste recover

Our actions with suppliers

An awareness-raising approach with suppliers has begun, so that they can in turn integrate best practices which are respectful of the environment and people .
We constantly assess our suppliers to make sure that they fully understand the benefit of these solutions.

The Maestria Group remains a human-sized company which is committed to respecting human rights and natural resources. It remains faithful to its ethics, its expertise and its best practices.
Its commitments are a source of motivation and constant improvement.