Technical assistance & Training

A professional technical assistance service

For each project, the objective of our technical assistance service is to research and advise the best technical solution. To reach this objective, knowledge of the project is essential, so our technicians visit the site.

Also for each project, our Technical Service creates an implementation guidance document which includes:
  • Product recommendations (paints or coatings),
  • Optimisation of machine settings and application techniques,
  • Preparation of the media,
  • The most suitable primary coats,
  • The finishing products with specifications and technical sheets about the entire selection.

Expert support for our customers & partners through our training sessions

To be fully responsive to the needs of its key account customers and partners, the MAESTRIA Group offers training sessions.

This training, thought out and designed by our experts, offer solutions to any type of problem that may occur on our customer's sites in terms of: :
  • Regulations,
  • Technical methods,
  • Application techniques,
  • Recommendations on the best tools to use.
This training can be carried out on our premises in Pamiers, in our regional Branches or at your site.