Technology transfer

skills upgrade with Peintures MAESTRIA

"You are already a factory owner
You are planning to build a factory
You would like to start manufacturing our products under the brand Maestria or under your own brand name. »

We will help you to complete your project and to develop your skills!

Sharing our expertise to succeed together

Wherever you are, our teams can advise you and support you in the manufacturing of your products (paint, building, road signage paint, anti-corrosion systems, floor systems), either under the brand name MAESTRIA, or under your own brand name.

To provide this technology transfer, Peintures MAESTRIA offers you a package including:

  • Access to the paint and/or systems selected as well as the development of formulas tailored to your specifications,
  • Training and support in your project by our specialists,
  • Needs analysis for replenishing any raw materials that you might need depending on the local offer,

  • Advice on the development of your factory (equipment, layout etc.) and optimisation of your paint production chain,
  • Technical assistance, our export specialists provide you with long-lasting professional support to ensure the quality of your production.