Understanding the color


Colourimetry is the technique for measuring colour.
Colour is not a physical reality. In fact, it is the brain's interpretation of perceptions transmitted by the eye. On this basis, as each person is unique, the perception of the same colour also is. Despite the difference in perception of each person, a colour is characterised by 3 factors:

- Its shade or hue
This is a colour's main characteristic.
For example: a shade of red, green etc.

La teinte d'une couleur

- Its clarity or brightness
This the colour's ability to reflect light. This depends on the proportion of black and white used.
For example: burgundy, sea green etc.

La luminosité d'une couleur

- Its purity or saturation
This is the intensity of a colour which ranges from red to white via pink.
For example: bright red, pale green etc.

La saturation d'une couleur